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Are you a creative thinker?

Are you a creative thinker?

Creative thinking is the cognitive process of creating something new.. Creative thinking is the cognitive process of creating something new. We live in a world where every idea is tried and tested. Novelty is no longer something new. Standing out and being different are the best bets for survival. At such a time, being able to think creatively gives one an edge like no other.

Creativity is not art, alone

We often associate creativity exclusively with art. However, it is not just restricted to artists. It could be an idea that seems to appear spontaneously. This sudden appearance of new ideas is called insight.
Artists use creative thinking to develop visual or audio pieces which express and evoke emotions. But others use it constantly, generally to solve problems.
Creative ideas appear to have occurred spontaneously but there is a long subconscious process that occurs in its preparation.
This includes –
  1. Preparation – Understanding the problem
  2. Incubation – Dwelling on the solution
  3. Illumination – Spontaneous idea
  4. Evaluation – Testing the idea
  5. Revision
Thinking can also be convergent or divergent. Convergent thinking is problem focused, whereas divergent thinking is free with where the mind ends wild with multiple thoughts. A creative thinker skilfully amalgamate the two to achieve a specific but out of the box idea.
Other attributes of a creative thinker include a strong sense of motivation, flexibility, impulsivity, independence and the desire to be original.
You may not be an artist, but ask yourself again… Are you a creative thinker?


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